FAFSA Workshops

    Receive professional guidance to complete and submit the FAFSA. This workshop is facilitated by Oakland University Student Financial Services and is available as a public service to all high school seniors and current college students, no matter where students choose to attend college. Each workshop session is expected to last approximately 30-60 minutes and will have options for a private breakout room to ask personal questions or share your screen privately for assistance.

    Prior to your workshop:

    Download the FAFSA Worksheet to access the steps to prepare for the FAFSA. All contributors (students, spouse, and parent(s)) must each create a studentaid.gov account (FSA ID) more than 24 hours before you complete the FAFSA. Record the login information in Step One of the FAFSA Worksheet. Do not create an ID for anyone else, you must use your own personal email and personal phone number. Review the items in Step Two of the FAFSA Worksheet to gather necessary information to complete the FAFSA.